Virtual hackathon with $100k in prizes

August 18-20th, 2023

Our Goal

At Project: Empower, our vision is to solve problems in underprivileged communities through code. Through this hackathon, we wish to help aspiring programmers foster there passion for coding and allow them to realize the impact that they can make through programming.

How it Works

Empower Hacks is a hackathon hosted by Project: Empower. It will consist of 3 steps the kickoff meeting, development period, and judging period/closing ceremony. Participants will develop a software project in their teams following the prompt that is given.

Contact Us
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    Sign up / Kickoff

    Follow all instructions on our Devpost page here (sign up on Devpost, fill out the Google Form, and join our Discord).

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    Teams will have roughly 48 hours from the beginning of the hackathon to create and develop a project.

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    Judging / Closing Ceremony

    Submit your project by the end of the development period to be judged by the panel of judges. Winners will be announced at the closing ceremony where there will be various activities and speeches. Prizes will also be given then.

Why Participate?

Learn to code

Learn to develop a working product by building upon each other's strengths and expanding your programming knowledge at the same time.

Work with others

Collaborate and work with like-minded individuals to bring your ideas to light!

Win amazing prizes

$100k+ worth of prizes for participants to win!